Saturday, May 5, 2012

Not such a super moon

Tomorrow (Sunday May 6) at 1.35pm is a Super Moon. So it’s one of these..

… on steroids. It’s the biggest full moon of the year, apparently. This is because it’s going to be closer to Earth than at any other time this year.

Now, I’m not very pagan. I’m barely a pagan’s left elbow, frankly. But I do notice when the moon is doing funky things.

I get way more prickly than usual (who knew that was possible, right?!). I get teary, despairing; I feel a hideous gaping void inside me. I also tend to go on flights of unnecessarily melodramatic self-pitying literary fancy.

So for now I need to hunker down and repel the almost irresistible urge to impulsively fill this lunar-inspired void with food, wine, clothes that I’ll later hate, a new pet, or expensive kitchen gadgets.

I need to sit this astral dance out. It’s going to take a lot of self-control. This is something I’m not renowned for.

OK one wine might be OK.

And I still want a dog.

Wake me when it’s Monday…


  1. what about a seeing eye dog/puppy to train and then... ahem...tearfully give back...or you could build a case for a companion dog for child with special needs.

    1. Oh I could never give one back!!! And a companion dog would be great, but I doubt we'd be eligible. He's special needs but not extreme enough. I like your thinking though! I'll investigate. x

  2. According to the astronomer (otherwise known as Big Boy), it is not such a big deal. It is a "little" closer, but not enough to warrant all this hoo-ha.

    I desperately want a scruffy dog... you know, one of those hairy, hyperactive messes that look like they haven't ever seen a brush?

    But as we already have 2 dogs (boys have one each), 2 cats, a cockatiel and some fish, methinks I may be getting a companion for my golden years.

    1. Oh yes a little scruffy dog would be awesome. Partner has vetoed the dog. Sigh.