Friday, May 11, 2012

Lose Your Shit Friday

I’ve worked in the city every weekday for the last two weeks.

Normally I work outside the home about three days each week. The other two days are spent working, but also catching up on all the household crap that needs to be kept track of. And taking deep breaths.

Today I lost my shit because I forgot to take my child to his regular gymnastics session last night.

And I only realised when his dad told me about it at 11.30am today. Thank god he did. Otherwise I’m likely to have woken up at 3am Sunday morning in a cold sweat of bad parenting terror yelling “FFS we didn’t take The Child to gymnastics!”

We could all do without that.

There have been other signs this week that things are getting on top of me.

Earlier in the week I spent an evening wondering where the roll of kitchen paper went. I KNEW I had some. I’d just been using it.

The next day I found it in the cupboard. Next to the saucepans. Why hadn’t I thought to look there? Because I never keep it in the cupboard. It’s always on the bench or in the pantry. I’d had it in my hand and put it in there while getting something else out.

I am seriously an idiot domestically challenged this week.

Several times this week I’ve been on the phone, and been gripped by a sudden need to check my calendar or make notes. I need my phone for this. Panic has wrapped its frigid fingers around my thumping heart. Shit! Where’s my phone? Oh god I’ve lost my phone!


Last night I put my wine glass down and couldn’t remember where I’d put it.

I am an idiot clearly not coping this week.

So today I Lost My Shit. On the inside. Quietly.

Has anyone seen my phone?

Five Awesome Things about this week:

1.       My 72 year old Dad had a major op and came through it OK

2.       My son showed improvement in his spelling

3.       I laughed at a lot of blog posts

4.       I booked my place at the Problogger Training Event in October

5.       It ended!

Thanks to Miss Cinders from Saturday Morning Ogre Mum for the Lose Your Shit Friday linky stuff. Go check her blog out - Share the LYSF love.


  1. Sounds like my week every week. Anyone seen my keyboard? ;)

  2. oh all need a holiday or events organiser, have to go cant find my tooth brush and dentist beckons. Mwahs

  3. Dearest, I have had so many of these moments, I would rather not try to remember the number of times I have totally and completely lost it. In fact, didn't I just lose it last night when I realised I forgot to check if my son brought his school blazer home on Monday? Of course he didn't, but rather forgot it in the change rooms! I think the trick is to acknowledge that we, as women in this world of over-achievers, will sometime (perhaps often) stuff it up. We are bound to drop a ball here or there. But we should also forgive ourselves and practice breathing. Of course, after having a good cry first! But soldier on we shall! Because that is what we do best. xxxx

    1. Thanks darling you're so right (as always)! xx

  4. I do this, too. All. The. Time. But what I tell myself is that it's not because I'm losing my mind but because I am a creative visionary of such magnitude that my mind simply can't be bothered with those little things and must occasionally let a few things go to make room for all the other amazing things that are going on in there. (In my case, this isn't really true. I’m just a space cadet. But in your case, I feel it IS true. )

    1. Ah you're sweet! I suspect maybe a little from Column A, and little from Column B... ;-)
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  5. My theory is that forgetting stuff is a product of having to remember too much stuff. Therefore we're trying to think and do a million things at once, we put the kitchen roll in the saucepan cupboard. I do so much stuff a day and I'm not being mindful. Take 3 deep breaths through your diaphragm, find that glass of wine and relax. See you at the Problogger event :)

  6. Thanks Lisa. Yay can't wait! x