Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Circumnavigating the whelm via a Slow Loris

I’m feeling very overwhelmed today.


I’m working too much, writing too little, but not feeling like writing at all.

I can’t afford the time for whelm. There’s work to prep for and do, a family to care for, a cat to cuddle, fish to feed (shit did I feed the fish?), a house to clean (yeah RIGHT).

I’m feeling very pressured and out of control. I’m also knackered, headachey and full of whining self-pity.

I need to rest, but I can’t. I should shed some stuff, but I can’t. I have a short holiday booked next month but that’s a looong way away.

So for now, I’m just going to have to work out a way to move around the whelm, because I can’t go under or over it right now.

I’m going to be circumwhelmed.

So in support of my efforts to go AROUND the whelm, here is a very sweet video of a Slow Loris eating a rice ball.

So tell me everyone,
how do you circumnavigate the whelm?


  1. Aw, how cute. Mind you, I was expecting a twist, with the eyes of the Slow Loris to suddenly turn red as it leapt forward with a blood curdling cry to stab the feeder's hand into the table!

  2. well, that was slow ...

  3. Well you could take a bloggie break for a couple of weeks, or schedule a few weeks worth of posts and then go off on hols.

    Nothing wrong with taking a break.

    Writing a list also helps, that way you know what needs to be done and can divide it up into sections for each day, that way you're not overwhelmed.

    1. Thanks gorgeous. Yep, I'm the List Queen. A break sounds good! x

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