Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A community service announcement and why I'm having two showers today

Image from here.
I bet THEY don't have THEIR water turned off in the middle of a shower.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your water turned off in the middle of a shower?

How about in the middle of washing long hair? That first really lathery wash before you wash all the shampoo out with the next wash?

I wonder if you’d emit a scream of horror that sends your partner syphoning every millilitre of water from all reservoirs (the tea jug and coffee machine in this case) in the house.

Would it be worth pouring that tragically pitiful, luke-warm trickle over your head? Just so you can get dressed and stomp out to the guys working on your pipes without looking like a rat that had been drowned in a really, really soapy bath?

Ever wondered how it would feel if, after drying your soapy skin off and brushing your heavy, greasy, shampoo-laden locks, you discover that you can’t even sooth your ravaged nerves with a cup of coffee because you’ve poured the last water in the house pointlessly over your head?

Have you felt the rising dread of realising that a large digger is parked in your driveway and now you can’t even go out and BUY a coffee? (Or water, for that matter).

Ever stomped out to the water supply dudes in a white-hot rage to have them profusely apologise that they had to turn off the water FOR 30 SECONDS while they changed a fitting?

Have you ever realised that if you’d not panicked, if you’d just waited, and tried again in 30 seconds, you’d be sitting at your desk calm, content and ready for the day, with clean hair and a successful cup of coffee?

No? Never had that experience?

Just as well then, that in the spirit of community service, I had it for you and I can report back that it sucked.

You’re welcome.


  1. Sorry for sniggering...(not really!)

  2. Couple of things come to mind.
    There is always spare water to be found in the toilet bowl.
    Having shampoo/condition left in your hair is a known cure for lice and its those cheeky ones you dont know about that need sneaking up on.
    Having a ditch digger in your driveway is very fortunate bc you could have them dig for water.
    Please ignore all said advice tho bc as you said it was only for 30 secs and my advice is more suited to a 57 or more second delay.
    My Life as a Traveling Circus Without Tent (good name for a company)

  3. Hahahahaha *snort* You big sook! Been there done that too many times to swear too loudly any more. It's worse when it means the damn tank is dry and the water dude can't come for a few days! lol

  4. Had similar experience backpacking in Zanzibar. After a long, sweaty day of spice tours, partner and I wanted to freshen up with a shower before boarding overnight ferry to mainland. She returned from bathroom dripping wet to say how refreshing the shower had been. I stood under it, there was farting noise from the pipes, and a splurt of water fell on my head and dribbled down my body, just enough to rehydrate my sticky sweat ... and that was it! "Tut, tut," the hotel owner shook his head, "the water here always runs out after the first shower." Argh!