Sunday, January 6, 2013

You make the rules

Welcome to 2013 people!

In March I'll have been writing here for a year. Let me share with you some (cough) wisdom I've accumulated so far, about blogging in particular.

But really I think it's a metaphor for everything in life.

Enjoy. I'll be hitting "Publish" again in earnest here soon.


  1. Excellent post. Especially #1 - though they are all good points. Too many bloggers forget that.

  2. Thank you for those tips! I am VERY new to the world of blogging but must say, when I go to hit that "Publish" button, I feel like I need a cockpit checklist to tick off first. You have put in words what I though should be the right way. Although #5 is a bit too familiar just now lol. Sandra

    1. Welcome Sandra! I hope you enjoy blogging. Good luck! xxx

  3. Haha, we all think our own shit is good shit that's why we all publish it.

  4. Yes, absolutely, agree to the power of ten :)