Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to get rid of kids (not a sponsored post)

You know, I've had six whole days of child-free time. ER. MER. GHERD.

I miss him.

But I'm betting that within 30 minutes of him being home, I'm going to wish I'd bought a can of this when I saw it.

(Not a sponsored post).

(Not really a post at all). 

How are you coping these school holidays?


  1. Oh, if only there were such a product I'd carry it around everywhere and spray it every time I come across a pain in the arse, screaming, tantrum throwing child!

  2. Yeah boast about being child free! I have six going free if anyone is intersted?

    1. I tried to give mine away yesterday on Facebook. Why won't anyone take them for us, Cinders?!!! WHHHYYYYY???!!!!!

  3. My oldest has been away for the last 4 days, back sometime this arvo..I've missed him terribly but know that once he starts fighting with his brother I'll forget that bit ;)