Friday, November 2, 2012

The Zone of Repugnance - you're soaking in it

I really love youse giiiizzzze. Yes, I'm talking to you. My loyal and varied readers. This is a small lily pad that hasn't been floating long, doesn't have that many of you but WOW what great folk you are. I have a rowdy, sweary, (frequently) ovary-carrying (if not using) community on here. You comment regularly, engage on Twitter and Facebook and you spread the good word about the bad frog.


But I'm curious.

What do you get from this lily pad?

After all, it's brought you this:

And this:

And a bit of this:

It also had to audacity to throw this at you:

Note: These spectacular boobs are not mine.
(More's the pity)

With a side-order of this:

And then there was nasal tufftage bloopers:

There's a concept in natural sciences called the Zone of Repugnance. This is the area in and immediately around a grazing animal's faeces.

YES! I'm talking shit again.

And toilets, officially, since a horse's bog is sometimes... a bog. More often a field or paddock.

Stay with me.

Animals won't eat in that zone. Yes, a horse is often seen stepping on tippy-hoof around a pile of its own dung to avoid accidentally eating any of it.

You haven't seen that? You need to hang around paddocks more.

There is ONE organism, though, that positively thrives in the Zone of Repugnance.

There's a saprobe fungus that grows really quickly in horse manure. That's the only place it grows. It doesn't mind that it gets shit thrown at it, or that its environment is a bit smelly and often questionable. It loves that shit. 

Still with me?

While other less courageous readers are carefully grazing around the edges of the Blogosphere, you giiiiiiiizzzzze are my saprobe fungus, living in my blog's Zone of Repugnance. You thrive on the stuff I throw out there and I LOVE YOU FOR IT.

And now, assuming I haven't scared you all away by calling you all shit-eating fungi...

Why do you read my blog?
No, really.
I neeeeeed to knoooooooow!


  1. I read your wonderful blog because I feel comfortable when I come here to visit.
    I know I am going to get a laugh and as an added bonus I may also learn something.
    With this great space I never know what I am going to get and I love that.
    My favourite thing of all...from conversations on twitter I know we get each other.
    I know I have found someone who cares and who I care about.
    How great is that.
    Thankyou froggy from one of many a fungus.xx

    1. Oh D you are the sweetest thing! You're my most loyal reader, and commenter - and I love you for it :-)


  2. I come here because you make me laugh. I also come here because you have a unique way of looking at things, don't take yourself too seriously and always give me something to think about. Win/Freaking Win. Oh, and you're an awesome person to hang with at conference-type thingies. x

    1. Thanks Sarah! You're also an awesome conference amigo :-)


  3. We get good humor, but more importantly we get you! You have an interesting head.

    1. Thank you lovely one. Yours in darn interesting too :-)


  4. Replies
    1. Oh Kelley you are a GENIUS.


      Right back at ya, sexy laydeee.


  5. I come here to experience more from your snazbig kaleidoscopic mind and fractal thought patterns. I am still amazed at what we helped to produce - you surprise and entertain every time! Never know what is coming next, like the best kaleidoscopes. xxxx

  6. Your humour. It's like mine.

    1. Indeed. Was lovely to see you again at Problogger, Deb! x

  7. Because you're a crazy biatch like me. You're not afraid to use naughty words, and the way you write your blog really is the real you! And that's awesome :)

    1. Thanks you darling - you're awesome too. Authentic and fearless - we like that!


  8. Because I love the way you think.

    We're all right, it is the rest of the world that is insane :)

  9. A real way of thinking. Not all mamby pamby shit like some people, saying what one really thinks is always attractive. Can't remember how I found you but your shit is some good shit.