Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I believe in fairies (and Royal Commissions)

I believe in fairies.

I want you to believe in fairies, so I want to employ a large group of men to tell you why you should believe in fairies too.

If you don't believe in fairies, I'll judge you and attack your lack of fairy belief. I can do that, because I believe in fairies.

Don't attack my belief in fairies though. That's not on. That's oppression.

Countries will go to war over whether fairies are real, or unicorns are real. Many millions will die.

I want others who believe in fairies to allow my employees unrestricted access to their children. When this goes horribly wrong, I'll make sure my employees avoid the law, because my organisation will be bigger and more important than justice. My organisation will provide a hotline to the Big Fairy In The Sky. So I can close my heart to the screams and crying of those kids. Because I believe in fairies.

I want to run an organisation that doesn't have to report crimes and pays no tax. And when my organisation gets into trouble, I'm going to bleat that all the OTHER people are doing things wrong and THEY should be getting into trouble TOO. So there, nyerrrr. Because I believe in fairies.

What? I can't create an organisation based on a fairy tale and then expect to be above both criminal and taxation law?

Damn. Looks like I believe in the wrong fairies.

Do you believe in Royal Commissions?


  1. You spell fairy, I spell faerie, fix it or in her infinite mercy my faerie will destroy and touture you for eternity.

  2. Here! Here! Could you imagine the outrage if Muslim clerics had been accused of the same thing. But because the Catholic church are our fairies its allowed to carry on. The Catholic church needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st C. Priests should be allowed to marry. A much better calibre of person would be attracted to the vocation if this were the case.
    Rant over.

  3. Amen Avenging Angel sister.xx

  4. Just in case we didn't know it already, Pell's gobsmacking performance this morning confirmed exactly what this Royal Commission is about 50 billion years overdue.

  5. Have to admit I'm completely out of the loop with this storyline and only saw yesterday that something had been announced on this issue. Haven't we been there before?!

    I don't get why accusations just aren't investigated by police (unless statute of limitations is an issue).

    Of course most recently I worked for a crime and misconduct agency which grew out of something similar to a royal commission - it had to be above the law as it was investigating politicians and lawmakers.

    All very complicated.

    1. I think you've hit the nail on the head there Deb... the Church feels it IS beyond the law. Confessional secrecy etc. xxx

  6. I do. I know many are dubious about Royal Commissions but people have to be made accountable and I'm glad the language has been broadened to include all institutions. Thank goodness for Peter Fox.

    And so pleased someone else wrote about this x

  7. Only if something actually comes out of it and rules and laws are changed because of it, otherwise they seem to be a waste of time.

    1. I agree. I think, when institutions are "above the law", this is one of the most powerful ways to get them changed. Their findings (I think) can create a federal case for "this law now applies to you and here's why - don't argue". x