Saturday, June 23, 2012

Send for the negotiator...

Today there is only this:

I have my family held captive. I won't eat their still beating hearts if you send:

  • junk food
  • red wine
  • Valium 
  • cheese
  • good science fiction TV
  • a great big dose of leavemethefuckalone

Oh and you should probably throw in a rescue team for my loved ones.

Looks like nobody's gettin' out alive this time.

P.S. Normal service will resume shortly (in about 3-5 days)

What does that bitch horrid teary aggro unbearable shit the glory that is womanhood do for you each month?


  1. usually lots of pain and leavemethefuckalones for about 3 days.... but I have a 2 year old so I cab't really telll that sweetie to bug off.

    1. Ah the joys of very young children ;-)