Monday, April 9, 2012

Kermie, the kid and the Mentos experiment...

It's my son's 7th birthday today, so I put Kermie in a coffin - I mean wrapped him - last night.

Who knew it could be so hard to wrap a friggin' frog?!
Today we were up nice and early to open prezzies. The frog was a big hit (thanks Granny and Grandpa!)

A soft fluffy robe, some books, a tornado Bey Blade, and some parental masochism:

Merle Parish, we made your cake again. Here's the before-icing version.

Then we went to see The Lorax in 3D. I cried, I laughed a little, I totally get the allegory. Great movie.
Then we came home and threw diet cola all over our neighbour's driveway.
Me setting up the experiment

You can see the spout starting. Yes, you guessed it, the diet cola/Mentos experiment.

It doesn't look that great here, as the camera missed the major spout. The wind picked it up and threw it at our neighbour's driveway (the spout, not the camera). Oops. Sorry Brian, the wind was a bit strong! The badly drawn red line shows how high it got.
And now, the iced cake (and a cheeky face).

Thankfully the purple in the icing came out quite delicate. The orange and green swirls however are a bit bright. Sorry Merle. He asked for orange and green cake, with purple icing. Merle, you may want to look away round about now...

Tonight we're off to dinner at the restaurant of his choice. Thankfully, it's a real restaurant and not the Golden Arches of Death, or Kemically F!cked Chicken.
His gymnastics party is in two weeks. The whole class was invited. Send help (or at least catering and alcohol).

What did you do this Easter Monday?

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