Monday, April 2, 2012

Dungeon, anyone?

Here is the latest in my "Yes, this is a real photo" series...

Last year I was working in an idyllic little town in New Zealand called Napier. It's nestled in Hawke's Bay, a stunning wine-and-outdoor-pursuits area on the East coast of the North Island.

The town centre is two minutes from the beach. There are some beautiful hills nearby. The town has a fascinating history, having been destroyed by an earthquake in 1931 and subsequently re-built in Art Deco style. A huge part of the land Napier now stands on was under water before 1931.

Those of you who are interested can read more here,_New_Zealand.

Some happy snaps for you to enjoy.

See? Idyllic.


I had a lovely, lovely time there - so lovely that I wish I could move there.

Well I did until I came across this large sign, on the door of a large building in the city centre.


So many questions. Why did you build a dungeon?

Why are you not using it all the time, that you can rent it out?

Couldn't quite find the time in between working at the bank, looking after the kids and playing golf to be Drago the Dungeon Master full time?

Is Madame Lash of Napier running short of cash?

And WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would want to rent a used dungeon? Ew. Brand new dungeons only thanks. No second-hand-off-the-shelf manky dungeons for me. Bespoke creations only - Grand Dungeon Designs are holding for me on line two as we speak...

OK back to reality. Seriously. WTF?

You know, I should have guessed Napier was more than it seemed when I saw some of the shop names. King of Swords... the possibly related Headstone World... and my personal favourite... Florist Gump.

I wish I had the guts to phone Drago the Dungeon Renter and ask him/her those questions.

Maybe you're brave enough.

If you are, and you do, can you let me know what they said?


  1. thirsty whale is a nice place for a meal and bevvy

  2. If I'm ever back (researching second hand underground architecture) there I'll take a look!

  3. purely in the interest of research, am wondering if its tax friend wanted to know bc er she um teaches history

  4. The possibilities are almost endless with something like that....

    You could open up some kind of Themed Resturant, now that Bunratty Castle isn't around anymore....or....for those with a more 'Kinky' orientation, it could be the ideal place for a Photo Shoot, or Videos, or even as a Store if this person is willing for a Long-Term Rental :-)

  5. Just not sure Napier is the thriving metropolis these enterprises require... LOL

  6. I bet it got rented too! Unusual to see it so publicly advertised though. You'd think a grannie would walk by and club whoever was putting that sign up, with her purse.