Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We're moving lily pads!

Gird your amphibian loins, Frog-Lovers. On Friday the gorgeous Kelly Exeter is moving the lily pad across from Blogger to Wordpress and onto OzBlog Hosting.

Kelly is all shades of awesome and not only has mad technical skillz, but gives excellent hugs.

In the meantime, I had another natter about superannuation over here. Please go have a read. Your 65-year-old self might thank you.

I'll leave you now with this, until Friday. 

Have you ever been complisulted?


  1. I'm complisulted all the time. My favourite is "you are so SOCIALLY MINDED aren't you?", oooh and the one I am still deciphering from the receptionist the other day "I see you have a lot of friends DON'T YOU?".ummmm... I'm still not sure how I should have replied. Happy moving x

    1. Thanks Alison. It happens to me constantly too ;-) x

  2. Safe travels from mlaatcwt