Sunday, June 30, 2013

I am not Michaelia Cash

Good morning everyone. Over here at the Lily Pad we're mourning celebrating surviving the start of the school holidays. So it's board games, boredom and tantrums ahoy.

Something weird happened this week. I went off-grid (because I'm cool and groovy and hip with all the latest digital terminology the young kids use) for two hours because I had to drive to the thriving metropolis of Colac. 

As an aside, Colac was very nice to me although JEEBUS it was cold. Come on everyone, wave to Colac! Hi Colac!

In those two hours you changed your Prime Minister.

I mean, come ON. I look away for JUST A MOMENT and this is what happens.

Never. Going. Off. Grid. Again.


As a result, I spotted this particularly edifying speech by Coalition Senator Michaelia Cash, who is the Opposition Spokeswoman for Women (whatever that means):

For Dog's sake, people, please know that, despite sharing similar names and I assume internal gentialia, this woman is NOT me.

Look, here's Michaelia Cash:

Scary image source

And now here's me:

See? Nothing. Alike. (Plus I spell my name correctly).

I hope that's cleared up this common but appalling misconception.

In way of apology for putting that hateful and ridiculous performance into your eyesockets and earballs, please bask in the majesty of the Aurora Australis, as it appeared in Geeveston, Tasmania, last night.

Gorgeous photo from Huon Photography

See you in the soup, frog-lovers.


  1. I shall be avoiding her speech as I avoid all politicians speeches. Nevertheless, thank you for clearing up any possible confusion :)

  2. The incorrect spelling is a dead giveaway ;)

    1. Yes it is, Michaela, yes it is. ;-)

  3. Were you ever mistaken for her or was that just in your own head,lol!

    1. Oh TOTALLY in my own head (and a great excuse to make sure people watch her have a weird loony hissy fit). x

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