Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lose Your Shit Friday #20

Apparently poor Miss Cinders’ family has lost their shit. Well, they’re all poorly. This is no more clear than in her decision to ask me to baby sit Lose Your Shit Friday this week. She must be crazy ill.

So, in the spirit of What the Fuck Wednesday – which was in the spirit of Lose Your Shit Friday – I’m looking after Lose Your Shit Friday. On Saturday.


Australia, you really made me lose my shit this week.

In the spirit of the release of arbitrary bullshit scoring system NAPLAN results this week, let’s take a moment to review how Australia has performed this week.

We sent more traumatised people to a tiny under-resourced island so that other people (who were invited) won’t try to come here in dangerous, ill-equipped, over-crowded boats. And WORSE! We FORGOT TO SEND TONY AND JULIA WITH THEM. Shit. Our bad.

Tony, Julia, here’s a one way ticket to Nauru, a tent and a bucket. See you when you’ve grown a heart between you. (A feckin brain wouldn’t hurt too).

You put off the referendum on indigenous recognition in the constitution. Because apparently the community didn’t see it as a priority. Actually nobody asked us whether we were still interested in being asked about how interested we are in indigenous acknowledgement in the constitution.

I guess the government lost interest.

You guys voted on same-sex marriage. How about we have a referendum on that too (so you can delay it)? Because you seem to think you know what we want. Personally, I don’t know why anyone would WANT to get married. But I think everyone should have the right to.

“Civilisation” won’t crumble if we allow same sex people to marry each other, or if we allow women to wear the burqa, or if taxpayers pay for the funerals for asylum seekers. (Did I cover everything, Mr Bernardi? Hope you’re enjoying the UK. Don’t hurry home, OK?)

Let’s see if I’ve got this one right. In Australia we don’t protest over the murder of innocent children in various civil unrest conflicts around the world.

Instead we shove violent placards into our children’s hands and protest because some shit someone uploaded on YouTube mocked an intellectual construct that's tightly linked to our cultural identity. Hey are there any spots available on that boat to Nauru? I can live in a tent… just not the same one as Tony and Julia. (Just how big IS Nauru?)

The press think the average Aussie is passionate about private school principals and talent show contestants. Yep, those are just the arsehat headlines I look for to remind me of what’s important. Hey look! The principal is a headline for the FOURTH DAY IN A ROW. Good thing nothing of note is happening in Syria, Afghanistan or Africa right now. Phew.

Australia, I’m sending a note home to your mum:



Lose Your Shit Friday: (aka: LYSF) (meaning) A day when lots of people lose their shit. Sometimes it's unavoidable because, well, everything from the week kind of piles up and one has to let it go! I bet you know someone who has lost their shit come Friday, maybe even YOU!

Here's the deal LYSF meme:

  • On any given Friday, let the crap escape your brain from the week via a post on your blog. Swearing, bold, use of CAPS, and even RED BOLD CAPS allow you to express just how shit your day/week has been.
  • Grab the button from below this post, and stick it on your sidebar or in your Lose Your Shit Friday post.
  • Come back here and use MrLinky to link up to your LYSF post - not just a link to your blog homepage.
  • Visit whomever else has linked up that week, and share the "I totally understand why you're losing your shit" comment love!
  • The LYSF meme is open all week from Fridays, so feel free to jump in with your post through the week!
It's that simple! And man does it feel good to let go of all the crap that has occupied your Friday/week!
Lose Your Shit Friday
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  1. Well said!
    Lose Your Shit Friday...on a Saturday...after a WTF Wednesday....
    Oh You have done the beautiful Miss Cinders proud I am sure.xx

  2. Woa - thinking political commentary. Bring it on!

  3. Perhaps I could double up and link my What The Fuck Wednesday post for Lose Your Shit Friday?! It was sufficiently bitchy to do both I suspect!