Friday, March 2, 2012

So there were these five frogs on a log...

... and four of them decided to jump off.

I've been wanting to get back to writing for so many years it doesn't bare thinking about. Oh god, is it bear or bare? See? I'm rusty.

I decided long ago to get back into it.

I was a frog on a log.

So after four of those five frogs decided to jump off, how many were left on the log?

You're wrong if you said one.

Five. There are still five frogs on the log, because deciding to jump doesn't get you off the damn log. You have to actually jump.

This blog is my jump off the log.


  1. Your frogs make me smile :o)

  2. Thanks Karen I thought of you as I chose the image. ;-)

  3. While on first inspection this is not the horror fiction of old (horror non-fiction?) I do enjoy your writing. Thank you

  4. Thanks Dave. I'm pretty sure my most recent post, about petrified bread crusts and knickers behind the TV would count as horror... but not fiction ;-)